Fastest Time To Breakdown Six Balls Into Three Nets Around The Waist

United States Brian Pankey

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / June 11, 2010

Brian Pankey performed a full breakdown of six balls into three nets in 23.65 seconds.

- must begin with juggle of six balls – does not need to be full juggle

- must throw the ball into the side net.

- must do a half shower pattern & throw the ball in the other side net

- must do a 4 ball shower & throw the ball in the behind the back net

- must juggle 3 balls do a 360 & throw it into a side net

- must juggle 2 balls in one hand & throw the ball into the side net

- must throw the final ball onto the neck turn around for the camera & let it roll down your back into the back net

- must not drop the ball during this record attempt or your disqualified


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