Fastest Time To Inflate 10 Balloons Until They Pop


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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / July 24, 2011

Darryl Learie inflated 10 balloons until they popped in five minutes, 10.22 seconds.

NOTE: Balloons are a choking hazard. Please have assistance on hand in case of an emergency.

- must provide video evidence
- must use standard latex party balloons


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    That first pop was close to my best for doing one (at 16.7 seconds). But I'm not sure what's going on with this video... the audio gets out of sync with the video then it jumps around a little at the end. It makes it difficult to gauge whether to time from the video or the audio or if either has been treated to result in an inaccurate time is it's been sped up or slowed down? What video software do you use for your clips and how do you add your timer, would like to easily do it to my own clips.

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