Longest Bicycle Ride To Burning Man

Longest Bicycle Ride To Burning Man

United States Maksim Kalashnikov

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Black Rock City, Nevada, United States / August 28, 2007

Maksim K. spent 54 days bicycling 3699 miles to Burning Man.


- must ride on a bicycle for entire journey
- no time limit for attempt
- must ride bicycle daily during attempt
- must arriving at Burning Man while festival is underway


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  • United States Maksim Kalashnikov

    Maksim Kalashnikov

    Hi, I started out in NYC and it took 54 days. The bike in the picture is not the bike I used. The black/white boundary on my leg is an actual tan line from my bike shorts :-)

  • United States Maksim Kalashnikov

    Maksim Kalashnikov


  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Scott Good question. My memory is that his trip took place over multiple continents, though i don't remember where he started. (I took this photo.) This was one of the first ever records we put on the site -- at this point, we'd look for greater documentation/evidence. Maksim, are you out there? If yes, would love details on the journey.

  • United States Scott Hawkins,

    Scott Hawkins,

    Just curious, due to geographical location of BRC, where did he bike from? It has to be East Coast or Canada, but really curious over here.

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