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Most Beds Laid On In One Minute

United States Emily Patricia


New York City, New York, United States / March 3, 2012

Emily Miethner laid down on 11 beds in one minute.

- entire back and heels of feet must touch mattress
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Nancy Kate Phillippi

    Yes! I knew deep down this record needed beating. Not because I am opposed to Emily and/or her attempt, but this is sure a "how fast can you run during slack time" question. I tell ya, someday a rich kid whose Dad owns a bed shop is gonna line up twenty beds all in a row and then just roll all the way through them. Good job Tim! :-)

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Simon Kirk

    Blair Witch meets record setting.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    WOW. Tim, your attempt was way more exciting than mine. I shall try to reclaim, though! What school do you go to?

  • United States Mick Cullen

    Mick Cullen

    As weird as it sounds, it's one of those grammar quirks. It's not possible to lay on a bed, but one can lie on a bed. To make everything super confusing, the past tense of lie is "lay," for reasons I will never understand. So yes... Emily, you lay on 11 beds in one minute. I don't like the way it sounds either, but that's English for you. :)

  • United States PeteM


    Yep, I think Mick is right. Take a look here.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Most Beds Lay On In One Minute? Really? That sounds weird! hah. But I really wouldn't know. If you're sure we'll change it, Mick!

  • United States Mick Cullen

    Mick Cullen

    I do believe the proper verb here would be "lay," the past tense of "lie." At any rate, nice job, Emily!

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Alex Cunningham

    Wow, we have a rare value change!

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