Longest Time Balancing A Spoon On Chin While Wearing A Fake Mustache

United States Debra Emory


Bee Spring, Kentucky, United States / November 28, 2013

Debra E. balanced a spoon on her chin for one minute, 50.13 seconds while wearing a fake mustache.

- must use a standard spoon
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must wear fake mustache for duration of attempt
- may use adhesive to attach mustache


Tags: wildcardlongestbalancingchinspoonmustachefake

  • Denmark Oliver Storm

    Oliver Storm

    those bruises makes me worried

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Nice one, Debra. Did the mustache make it an extra challenging attempt?

    • United States Debra Emory

      Debra Emory

      Thanks Dan & yes, I start sweating as soon as I put the Fake Mustache on, so at some point I was worried about the Mustache falling off too. lol- it may look/sound silly but it turned out to be way more challenging than I thought. Good-Times though, I really can't wait for somebody else to run up and beat it so I can give it another try. \m/

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