Most "A"s In A Text Document

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Urbana, Illinois, United States / March 18, 2011

Thomas McGinniss made the letter ‘A’ appear 100,000,000,000 times in a single text document.


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  • The Internet george janko

    im george janko

  • The Internet george janko

    my fucking balls fell off reading this its been 3.5 years im done but just to make sure im gonna read it again

  • New Zealand Ming Chen

    Lol my computer can't keep up with how many a's there are. Keeps on going slow when I paste in on the letter counter. Someone got any ideas

  • United States tmcginniss

    Is this record for A's or a's? because the title shows A's but the current record shows a's.

  • The Internet Seth Lockhart

    Agh, my computer keeps locking up around 75 million

  • The Internet Frank Krueger

    I'll keep you on your toes. I'm done filling about 300 GB worth of data. I've written my own text editor that can process the data (in a chunked fashion like emacs). BUT, it takes about 3 hours for the "character count" to come out. I'm all set, I just need a witness.

  • The Internet Morgan Jones

    I tried for 100000000000 bytes a week ago. I let a C++ application run overnight and just fill up my hard drive. It stopped a bit short because Mac OS started filling up the swap. I agree, a checksum system would be nice. But I'm still waiting on my attempt at this record.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    This type of record is almost 1/2 doing it and 1/2 documenting it well. It seems to me that a checksum system would work for this, i.e., you'd name the length of the file and generate a checksum, then whoever wanted to verify it would need to validate the same limit. Right now, we are limited by the OS limits, but I think that's where it could get interesting. Perhaps 18 months from now, someone out there will be compiling their own Linux kernel with 256-bit support just to beat this record.

  • United States Daniel Nodal

    hmm, i think your right, would it work if the record was just counting any symbol rather than just a?

  • The Internet Morgan Jones

    How do you actually prove this record if you're opening a huge document? Let's say I make a 90 GB file full of the letter A. How do I prove that the entire 90 GB is full of 'a' and not other letters? This record is only limited by hard drive space and the size of 64-bit integers for me.

  • United States Cameron Shurtz

    Um that dude did it in Spanish...I don't know if that should count.

  • Oh, it's on now!

  • United States Cameron Shurtz

    Oh but I am sure everyone appreciates you comment because without it nobody would understand this was easy or how it was done. It could be complicated to understand for someone, thanks your a true do-gooder.

  • United States Cameron Shurtz

    Nobody said any of these were hard to do...

  • This is relatively easy...this is gonna go one for a long time and eventually its gonna come down to who has the most time to sit and hold down the paste key.

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