Most Alternating Random Words Spoken Between Two People In 30 Seconds

United States

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Albany, New York, United States / July 29, 2011

Jack McGill and his friend spoke together, alternating 66 random words in 30 seconds.

- no words can be repeated 
- reading words off list not permitted


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  • The Internet David Webber

    It is hard to tell whether or not this attempt can be considered legit. The 44 words I can hear are: ice, tree, nose, grass, teeth, cement, braces, window, hair, bent?, eyebrow, bells?, eyelashes, shoe, (inaudible), animal, lanyard, dog, ticket, cat, key, fish, shoes , (inaudible), socks, elephant, pants, giraffe, underwear, tiger, tree, liger, clothes, lion, fire hydrant, girl, (inaudible), boy, (inaudible), man, lunch, woman, sandwich, dinner. That leaves "shoe" twice (albeit one plural and one singular), "fire hydrant" as one word, and a bunch of inaudible words.

  • The Internet Mikayla Townsend

    this is so easy:D im gonna beat it:)

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