Longest Air Hockey Marathon

Canada Jesse Fontaine


South Porcupine, Ontario, Canada / July 20, 2012

Jesse Fontaine and Breanna Broughton played air hockey nonstop for 28 hours. Their attempt raised almost $7,000 to support a World Vision-run youth center based in Pakistan. Read more about the feat here.

- must apply standard air hockey rules
- participants may take a five-minute break for every hour of continuous play
- may save breaks and combine them later
- must provide media evidence


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  • Canada Jesse Fontaine

    Jesse Fontaine

    Thank you! :D We were allowed 5 minutes every hour of continuous play and those breaks could be saved so that we could take a longer break.

  • United States Jenn Wark

    Jenn Wark

    Now this is a record I love! Were breaks allowed -- what were the rules for taking time out?

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