Fastest Time To Complete 50 Mouse Clicks On "Super Click Tester"

United Arab Emerates Nabi Khan


Shajah, United Arab Emerates / December 6, 2016

Nabi K. clicked a mouse 50 times in 0.22 second in Super Click Tester.

- must play Super Click Tester
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States christopher


    my record is 78 clicks in 0.50 seconds and this is not legit

  • United States spacebar counter

    spacebar counter

    I'm using mouse tester guide for checking my mouse speed and it shocks me with the results.

  • United States Matt Nicholas

    Matt Nicholas

    its sooo fake! how does this even got approved? 217 CPS lol.. that's auto clicking for sure! I have been practicing on for years and only reach legit 16 CPS that too just once. I have reported this record and i think everyone who is reading my comment should report this. Let us support the real gamers who actually work on there skills instead of such cheap tricks!

  • United States mateo


    he is either really fast or using auto-clicker secretl :)

  • United States ELMO


    email that to report fake records everyone :)

  • United States ELMO


    this is easy to break anyways, i mean all u really need is a mouse that can either drag click, or the g502 scroll clicking method with air canister the problem is that this is cheating, as drag clicking actually cannot go more than 190 or so cps without some insane setup where the denounce is like 0.0001 or something scroll clicking would not suffice either since it takes time to build up the scroll wheel speed obviously autoclicker isn't even eligible since you don't exactly show everything

    also u seem to be jitter clicking which is not likely to get that cps

    • United States ELMO


      it even says u got 200+ cps which is impossible without external devices or a macro

  • United States Creator [GD]

    Creator [GD]

    auto clicker lmao

  • United States jordan hernandez

    jordan hernandez

    so this is fake?

  • United States Elliot De

    Elliot De

    true that is fake

  • United States Gd topi

    Gd topi

    I can do better!

  • United States haylii chamberlain

    haylii chamberlain


  • United States Noah Burno

    Noah Burno

    The admins on this site really need to take all these cheaters' videos down

  • United States Chris Markov

    Chris Markov

    Has 2 fingers on the mouse, As the first one clicks the second hits a button on the mouse, the button Swaps the screen to a photoshopped image or a hacked version of the game, Record busted

  • Singapore Wombo Combo

    Wombo Combo

    lol autoclicker

  • United States Rubiks Not

    Rubiks Not

    this is definitely fake

  • Switzerland Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    ya i only heard like 9 clicks and apperently you clicked it 50 time BULL CRAP

  • United States Elias Gonzalo

    Elias Gonzalo

    It would be nice to see a video of your fingers, this is kind of impossible. Giving you the benifit of the doubt but it would nice to see some evidence.

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