Fastest 100 Metre Hurdles By A 13-Year Old Girl Wearing Blue

United States

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Mills River, North Carolina, United States / May 5, 2009

13-year old Melissa White completed the 100 metre hurdles in 18.78 seconds while wearing a blue outfit.


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  • The Internet Dobie

    I have seen faster, not to put anyone down or anything but that was fast but i am a track runner and i have seen people run up to 14.65 seconds and that to me is pretty fast, when i was 10 i rean at a speed or 12.00 seconds, 1 second off of Shelly-Ann fraser price, which is the fastest girl in the world, she is Jamacian and im Black/Italian Lol. Good try and keep working on it :)

  • The Internet Dobie

    That was pretty fast but , thats not the fastest, lol, good try tho :)

  • The Internet Destiny King

    Thats jank.! If I knew this was the fastest time I wouldve posted my times on here.! I ran a 15.5 :/

    • The Internet Dobie

      I have even seen faster then what you just said '15.5'. Lol :)

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