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Most Times Writing “RIOT!” In 20 Seconds

United States Fueled By Ramen


New York City, New York, United States / January 31, 2014

As part of the kickoff for Paramore's "Ain't It Fun" world record video, Christina Kotsaminidis of Fueled By Ramen set a record for Most Times Writing “RIOT!” In 20 seconds.

RecordSetter official Dan Rollman was present to officiate the attempt while Paramore and others from the label cheered Kotsaminidis on.

NOTE: To challenge this record, you must follow all rules below..

- must be legible
- no spelling errors permitted
- must attempt record using pen, pencil or marker
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States himanshu singh

    himanshu singh

    i got 15 in 20 sec

  • England Ashlea Carol

    Ashlea Carol

    Is there any chance that I could ask you a few questions about your record for my research report on Paramore? It will only take two minutes of your time. Preeeetty please? x

  • United States Dottie Neet-Villanueva

    Dottie Neet-Villanueva

    I got 11. Looks like I've gotta try for 14!

  • United States Arianne Miclat

    Arianne Miclat

    i totally beat Christina! :)

  • United States Arianne Miclat

    Arianne Miclat

    Wahhh.. I tried to do it again and still I only did 13. How does one become a quick writer?!

  • United States Mike Mass

    Mike Mass

    All you paramour fans.. come follow me on Twitter im a Paramore Junkie MikeShow1 Coming to Chicago in July But they need to invite the Farro Brothers back...

  • United States Hayley Paramore Williams

    Hayley Paramore Williams

    yo lo haria mas rapido

  • United States Nobodysghost No-one

    Nobodysghost No-one

    scott nobody with psychic tv set the world record in the guinesse book of world records for the most album releases in one year...(11) albums…trailing us ..frank zaps.. (9)…an then, james brown…(7)…looking forward to par amore s challenge…will even help u need song ideas…can i help break my own record…i not with ptv any more for over 20 years…i do "no one" now…me claus… an a most Devine Valentine dearest hayley nichole williams an par amore…,,,le ejeshuah scott christ in e paramour an will i am s host of man…most all me names thru time…nobody knows...

    • United States Nobodysghost No-one

      Nobodysghost No-one

      cuzine hayley...

    • United States Nobodysghost No-one

      Nobodysghost No-one

      cuz i'n hayley… ok no ur hayley, no... i'm no one…cuz ins from 8 generations... ago…i'm a Williams…then back to Charlemenge the emperor an further to Jeshuah, "jesus" the christ…an transmigration of spirit…an nobody knows...

    • United States Nobodysghost No-one

      Nobodysghost No-one

      "no one," hayley october an i...

  • United States Sondra Jones

    Sondra Jones

    i wrote riot 14 times in 20 seconds. I should record and show. :)

  • United States Nicolò Casazza

    Nicolò Casazza

    I already did 17 twice, will shoot a video tomorrow :P

  • United States Karina Altamirano

    Karina Altamirano

    I tried to do it but I can't!!!!! I only write 9 ¬¬

  • Ireland Chanele McGuinness

    Chanele McGuinness

    This is so much harder than it looks! I just tried and got 11?!

  • United States Sarah Clarke

    Sarah Clarke

    I am so trying to beat this tonight!

  • United States Spaska Angelova

    Spaska Angelova

    I Like this!

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      Dan Rollman

      You should try to beat it! Make a video and submit it to our site.

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