Largest Variety Of Abdominal Exercise Records Set In One Hour

United States Alicia Weber


Clermont, Florida, United States / August 13, 2012

Alicia Weber set four unique abdominal exercise records within one hour: Most Consecutive Knee Tucks, Most Situp Flutter-Crossovers In 15 Minutes, Most Flutter Presses In 5 Minutes with 40% Of One's Body weight, and Most Straight Leg Curl Ups In 3 Minutes With 10-Pound Medicine Ball.

- must be abdominal exercises
- each exercise must be unique
- setting same type of abdominal exercise in different time frames will not be counted
- must set exercise as either consecutive or rep-based
- all abdominal exercise records must be completed within one hour
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States John


    I notice no one has even tried to challenge this! Toughest abs on any woman on earth!

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