1. #27

    Farthest Distance For A 10-Year-Old To Throw A Basketball

    Trenton T. threw a basketball a distance of 588 inches. He is 10 years old.

    Oct 13 TrentonTaylor 3 comments United States
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    Longest Time Hopping On One Leg While Holding A Jell-O Cup

    Tina J. led a kid in hopping on one leg for two minutes, 1.14 seconds while holding a Jell-O cup.

    Aug 05 TinaJones United States
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    Most Goals Scored By A Finger Football Player In 20 Seconds

    Nick C. scored five goals in 20 seconds playing finger football.

    Jan 14 NickChoremi 1 comment Germany
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    Shortest Distance Flown In "Jetpack Joyride" (Mobile)

    Sam D. flew 136 meters in Jetpack Joyride.

    Sep 04 SamDavison 17 comments England
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    Most Spins In 30 Seconds While Kneeling In An Office Chair

    Tai Star completed 34 revolutions in 30 seconds while kneeling in an office chair.

    Mar 21 TaiStar 1 comment United States
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    Most Hours Logged On An iPhone Stopwatch

    Joshua Mallik has logged 78,888 hours, 32.80 seconds on his iPhone stopwatch.

    Aug 31 JoshuaMallik1 27 comments Kuwait
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    Shortest Person To Remove A Sword From Someone's Throat

    Khagendra Thapa Magar, only 22 inches tall, removed a sword from sword swallower Dan Meyer’s throat. NOTE: This record is... (more)

    Dec 13 DanMeyer United States
  8. #34

    Longest Time To Balance A Basketball On Top Of Another Basketball Using Two Hands

    Brian Pankey balanced a basketballl on top of another basketball using two hands for 42.74 seconds.

    Aug 03 legendary 2 comments United States
  9. #35

    Deepest Shoulder Blades

    Flexibility master David Passaro wowed audience members by setting a new world record for deepest shoulder blades. Passaro... (more)

    Jan 12 DavidP1 3 comments United States
  10. #36

    Tallest Domino Tower

    Using tremendous focus and a steady hand, master stacker Sam Jaffe built a world record 133-inch domino tower. On October 7,... (more)

    Jan 13 SamJ United States
  11. #37

    Most Consecutive Yo-Yo Plastic Whips While Talking On Phone

    Yo-yo enthusiast Brendan Larrabee makes world history by performing three plastic whips while talking on his cell phone, a new... (more)

    Jan 13 BrendanL United States
  12. #38

    Most Panama Kicks In One Minute

    David Lee Roth fan Ryan Moulian paid homage to the rock legend by completing 83 Panama kicks in one minute, a new universal... (more)

    Jan 14 RyanM 6 comments United States
  13. #39

    Most Consecutive Left Eyebrow Raises

    In a landmark moment of human facial achievement, Squirrel raises his left eyebrow 76 times in a row without stopping, a new... (more)

    Jan 15 Squirrel United States
  14. #40

    Most Images Of Fish Sandwiches Looked At In One Minute

    URDB legend Todd Lamb continued to raise his own bar, more than doubling his existing record of 25 images of fish sandwiches... (more)

    Jan 18 ToddLamb 8 comments United States
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    Longest Single Breath Vocal Fry

    Creating a popping vocal effect by slowly releasing her deepest breath, Debbie Hampton lets out a 41.78 second vocal fry. She... (more)

    Jan 21 DebbieH United States
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    Most Throat Notes Sung In 30 Seconds

    Maximizing diaphram capacity and rapid vocal movement, Elna Baker stunned an audience by letting loose 112 throat singing notes... (more)

    Jan 21 ElnaB 7 comments United States
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    Most Complaints In One Minute

    In an impressive showing of his sincere cynical humor, writer Mark Lamster[] complained a whopping 44 times in one minute,... (more)

    Jan 22 MarkL 7 comments United States
  18. #44

    Fastest Time To Open Bag Of Skittles And Sort Them By Color

    Kaoru Kumatani made candy history by opening an Original Fruit, 2.17 ounce bag of Skittles and sorting them by color in 30.19... (more)

    Jan 23 Kauro 10 comments United States
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    Most Air Humps In One Minute

    Brock Busby completed 193 "air humps" in one minute, a RecordSetter World Record. Busby’s monumental feat was performed in... (more)

    Jan 23 beerock 9 comments United States