1. #27

    Largest Origami Crane Collection

    Rika K. has a collection of 1,010 small origami cranes.

    May 05 rikakomariah Indonesia
  2. #28

    Most Consecutive Two-Finger Push-Ups

    Shaikh R. performed 49 consecutive two-finger push-ups.

    May 04 shaikhrejaul 3 comments India
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    Most Bench Presses Using A 135-Pound Weight

    Christopher K. bench pressed a 135-pound barbell 72 times.

    May 04 ChristopherKnox 2 comments United States
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    Most Candles Placed Around A Bathtub

    Gabriel P. placed 50 candles around a bathtub.

    Feb 05 GabrielPatterson United States
  5. #31

    Most Spins In One Minute

    Aarav spun 118 times in one minute.

    Dec 03 AaravNarula 21 comments United States
  6. #32

    Longest Time Kneeling On An Exercise Ball

    Suresh G. balanced on an exercise ball for 28 minutes, 16.72 seconds.

    Oct 31 SureshGaur 14 comments India
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    Most Countries Visited By Land In 24 Hours

    Phil Billingham, Shannon Currie, Duncan Mackenzie, and Gerry Mulligan traveled to 18 countries in 24 hours. They visited Poland,... (more)

    Oct 01 PhilBillingham 62 comments Wales
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    Most Sit-Ups In One Minute

    Richie Howey completed 71 sit-ups in one minute. He set the record to raise money for cancer research. Learn more about the feat... (more)

    Jul 15 RichieHowey 45 comments England
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    Largest Cardboard Fort

    Nick Clark and members of Youth Making A Difference (YMAD) along with their sponsors Arvo and Tmbr built a cardboard box fort... (more)

    Apr 23 NickClark1 34 comments United States
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Table Tennis Paddle While Blindfolded

    Mamuka Kucia bounced a table tennis ball on a table tennis paddle 100 times while blindfolded.

    Jan 13 MamukaKucia Georgia
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    Fastest Time To Eat Five Subway Footlong Sandwiches

    Isaac H-D ate five Subway footlong sandwiches in seven minutes, 13.69 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous.... (more)

    Jan 13 IsaacH-D Australia
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    Most Eggs Crushed With Head In 30 Seconds

    Dave C. of Sweaty Church crushed 62 eggs in 30 seconds using his head.

    Sep 18 SweatyChurch 8 comments United States
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    Most Hen Eggs Held In Hand At Once

    Record Setter held 27 brown hen eggs in his right hand at once.

    Jul 17 SilvioSabba1 1 comment Italy
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    Most 805-Pound Leg Press Reps In One Minute

    Jason F. completed 65 leg press reps in one minute.

    Jun 18 JasonFaulkner 4 comments United States
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    Longest Time To Hold Tongue In A Backwards Bend

    Igor F. bent his tongue and held it in position for two minutes, 20.42 seconds.

    Nov 07 IgorFrança 5 comments Brazil
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    Most Facial Hits With A Punch Balloon In One Minute

    Brian Pankey held the rubber band handle of a punch balloon in his mouth and hit himself in the face with the balloon 280 times... (more)

    Oct 01 legendary 6 comments United States
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    Fastest Time To Eat A Can Of Cheddar Cheese Pringles

    The Record Squad's Will Fleming ate a can of cheddar cheese Pringles in six minutes, 56.84 seconds. He set the record to... (more)

    May 02 WillFleming 1 comment New Zealand
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    Most Sit-Ups In One Minute

    Alicia Weber completed 59 sit-ups in one minute.

    Apr 13 AliciaWeber 45 comments United States
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    Most Lego Bricks Stacked Together In 15 Seconds

    Louie Foxx stacked 24 2x4 Lego bricks together in 15 seconds.

    Mar 29 LouieFoxx 8 comments United States