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    Tallest Dixie Cup Tower

    Nature Discovery built a Dixie cup tower with a total of 901 cups in height.

    Jul 26 NatureDiscovery 5 comments United States
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    Most Different Styles Of The Letter "A" Drawn In One Minute

    Ryan H. drew 16 different styles of the letter "A" in one minute.

    Jun 19 RyanHammond United States
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    Most Spins In One Minute

    Aarav spun 118 times in one minute.

    Dec 03 AaravNarula 34 comments United States
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    Longest Time Hopping On One Foot

    Dhalpin S. hopped on one foot for seven minutes, 16.22 seconds.

    Apr 19 Dhalpinshejo1 20 comments Oman
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    Most Coins Earned In "Coin Dozer" (Mobile)

    Rick H. earned 1,006,139 coins in Coin Dozer.

    Mar 27 RickH 26 comments Netherlands
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    Most Times Typing "Orange" In 20 Seconds

    Rubiks Not typed the word "Orange" 12 times in 20 seconds.

    Mar 01 RubiksNot United States
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    Longest Elbow Stand In A Split Position

    Bobbie-Allannah performed an elbow stand in a split position for one minute, 29.00 seconds.

    Aug 01 AllieandElleinc 2 comments Canada
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    Most Consecutive Balloon Bounces Between Mother And Son

    Zoe and her son bounced a balloon back and forth to each other 26 consecutive times.

    Jul 11 zoejohnstone 7 comments Scotland
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    Most Snowballs Thrown In "Minecraft" (PC)

    Adam N. threw 171,762 snowballs in Minecraft.

    Jul 05 minefortherecord 3 comments United States
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    Highest Distance Reached Flying Straight Up Using Ender Crystal In "Minecraft"

    Jacob W. reached 14,679.75 blocks flying straight up using an Ender Crystal in Minecraft.

    Jun 09 JacobWalters 4 comments England
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces On A Paddle While Seated

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball 14,957 times on a paddle while seated.

    Feb 23 PavolDurdik 3 comments Slovakia
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    Most 2465-Pound Leg Press Repetitions

    Joseph Holt leg pressed 2465 pounds ten times in a row.

    Oct 19 JosephHolt 67 comments United States
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    Tallest Coin Tower Stacked With Right Hand In One Minute

    Shripad V. stacked 72 coins in one minute using his right hand.

    Nov 23 SHRIPADVAIDYA 6 comments India
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    Most Wrist Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

    David M. performed 26 wrist push-ups in 30 seconds.

    Nov 12 DavidMaze 15 comments Lithuania
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    Fastest Time To Name All Eight Planets

    Doron T. named all eight planets of the solar system in 1.60 seconds.

    Aug 21 DoronT 1 comment United States
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    Slowest Time To Eat A Slice Of Bread

    Travis L. took 19 minutes, 15.07 seconds to eat a slice of bread.

    Jul 31 travislite 6 comments United States
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    Most TNT Blown Up In "Minecraft: Xbox One Edition"

    Damone W. blew up 26,009 blocks of TNT in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

    Jul 29 DamoneWarren 1 comment United States
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    Tallest Dixie Cup Tower

    Curt L. built a Dixie cup tower with a total of 768 cups (48 stories) in height.

    Jul 15 CurtL 5 comments United States
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    Longest Headspin

    Spinderella, an 11-year-old breakdancer, performed a headspin that lasted 13 minutes and 53.34 seconds.

    Nov 09 B-GirlSpinderella 55 comments United States