1. #8

    Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In A Back Roll Shower Pattern

    Callum Baker completed 22 catches juggling three hula hoops in a back roll shower pattern.

    Jun 23 CallumBaker England
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    Most Clothespins Balanced On A Basketball

    Peter Durdik balanced 35 clothespins on a basketball.

    Jun 23 PeterDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Time Holding Legs-Behind-Head Pose

    Mohan Sai held legs-behind-head pose for two minutes, 45.00 seconds.

    Jun 20 Mohansai 1 comment India
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    Longest Time Balancing An Exercise Ball On Head

    Laurent Kelly balanced an exercise ball on his head for 52.41 seconds.

    Jun 20 LaurentKelly England
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    Most Catches Juggling Three Cricket Balls

    Brendan Kelbie completed 918 catches juggling three cricket balls.

    Jun 21 Demythrate Australia
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    Longest Time Balancing A Table Tennis Ball On Nose While Standing

    Peter Durdik balanced a table tennis ball on his nose for 11.85 seconds while standing.

    Jun 21 PeterDurdik 2 comments Slovakia
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    Most Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In A Shower Pattern

    Callum Baker completed 163 catches juggling three hula hoops in a shower pattern.

    Jun 22 CallumBaker England
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    Most Table Tennis Ball Bounces Into A Plastic Cup In 15 Seconds While Carrying A Child On Shoulders

    Pavol Durdik bounced a table tennis ball into a plastic cup 19 times in 15 seconds while carrying a child on his shoulders.

    Jun 19 PavolDurdik Slovakia
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    Most Consecutive Catches In A Three-Hoop Lazy Cascade With Penguin Catches

    Callum Baker completed 240 consecutive catches in a three-hoop lazy cascade with penguin catches.

    Jun 20 CallumBaker England
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    Most Pears Fit In Hand

    Peter Durdik fit eight pears in his hand at once.

    Jun 20 PeterDurdik Slovakia
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    Longest Time Juggling Four Coconuts

    Andrea B. juggled four coconuts for 40.29 seconds.

    Jun 23 AndreaBorini Italy
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    Most Abdominal Wheel Roll-Outs From Standing Position In One Hour

    Robert "Cozmo" Consulmagno performed 539 consecutive abdominal wheel roll-outs from standing position in one hour. He set the... (more)

    Jun 21 RobertCozmo United States
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    Longest Time Balancing An AA Battery On Index Finger

    Suresh Gaur balanced an AA battery on his index finger for 15 minutes, 9.76 seconds.

    Jun 21 SureshGaur India
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    Longest Time Balancing Three Beer Bottles On Chin While Kneeling

    Suresh Gaur balanced three beer bottles on his chin for five minutes, 55.83 seconds while kneeling.

    Jun 15 SureshGaur 2 comments India
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    Most Continuous "Knees-Front Flip" Somersaults On A Trampoline

    Petr J. performed 17 "knees-front flip" somersaults on a trampoline.

    Jun 19 petr7555 Czech Republic
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    Longest Cross-Legged Headstand

    Devi Kumar held a cross-legged headstand for 49 minutes, 4.00 seconds.

    Jun 20 BIDLADASS1 3 comments India
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    Most French Fries Fit In Mouth

    Brabra B. fit 10 french fries in his mouth. WARNING: Stuffing food in mouth can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt... (more)

    Jun 22 BrabraBraaam Belgium
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    Most Ken Flips With A Kendama In 30 Seconds

    Aliko H. performed 16 ken flips using a kendama in 30 seconds.

    Jun 20 AlikoHarpa 1 comment Romania
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    Most Clothespins Held In Hand At Once

    Brendan Kelbie held 63 clothespins in his hand at once.

    Jun 22 Demythrate 5 comments Australia