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Skateboard world records: home of shuvits, underflips, rail grinds and any other tricks you care to demonstrate. You don't have to be Tony Hawk to be listed here - you just need a board and a bit of creativity. Hit the half-pipe or take to the sidewalk and show off your skills.

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Most “A La Seconde” Turns In A Skateboard Park

Allie and Elle inc productions

Bobbie-Allannah Murphy performed 15 "A La Seconde" turns in a skateboard park.

02:53 United States

Most Consecutive Shuvits

Gavin harner

Gavin H. completed 72 consecutive pop shuvits on his skateboard.

United States

Most "The Dab" Dance Steps Performed While Riding A Skateboard

Spencer Register

Spencer R. performed The Dab 69 times while riding a skateboard.

United States

Longest Kickflip Catch Using A Fingerboard

Ryan Downin

Ryan D. performed a 19-inch kickflip catch using a fingerboard.

United States

Most BMX Bike Jumps Over A Skateboard In 30 Seconds

Haden Eversman

Haden E. completed eight BMX bike bunny hops over a skateboard in 30 seconds.

United States

Most Pairs Of Glasses Put On While Balancing On Two Skateboards And Holding A Guitar

Owen Chambers

Owen C. put on two pairs of glasses while balancing on two skateboards and holding a guitar.

02:18 Canada

Most Consecutive Pop Shuvits

Ryan macdonald

Ryan M. performed 49 consecutive pop shuvits.

00:31 United States

Most Consecutive Pop Shuvits While Wearing A Bucket On Head

Death Rhino

Death Rhino completed six pop shuvits while wearing a bucket on his head.

01:00 United States

Most Pushes On A 40-Inch Longboard In One Minute

David watsom

David W. performed 70 pushes in one minute on a 40-inch longboard.

01:40 United States

Most Push-Ups While Balancing On Top Of Two Skateboards

Ryan Stark

Ryan S. completed 71 consecutive push-ups while balancing on top of two skateboards.

00:10 United States

Most Kickflips While Blindfolded And Holding Hands Inside Pants Pockets

Jayson Stone

Jayson S. performed a kickflip while blindfolded and keeping his hands inside his pants pockets.

01:18 Australia

Longest "Baby Freeze" On A Skateboard

Thomas Murden

Thomas M. held the Baby Freeze position on a skateboard for one minute, 8.26 seconds.

00:36 United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Clubs In A Cascade Pattern While Riding On A Skateboard In Primo And Balancing On A Rola Bola

Root Berry

Root Berry completed 85 catches juggling three clubs in a cascade pattern while riding a skateboard in primo and balancing a rola bola.

00:44 Brazil

Most Consecutive 360 Flips On A Skateboard

Sidney Arakaki

Sidney A. completed seven consecutive 360 flips on a skateboard. The final flip wasn't counted, as Sidney did not land cleanly.

03:53 United States

Most Headspins While Skateboarding

B-Girl Spinderella

B-Girl Spinderella performed 30 head spins while skateboarding.

00:39 United States

Longest Fingerboard Rail Grind

Jared Muzyka

Jared M. grinded a rail for 192 inches using a fingerboard.

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