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01:17 Canada

Most One-Handed Coin Rolls Using Two Kennedy Half Dollars In One Minute

Michael Francis

Michael F. completed 36 one-handed coin rolls using two Kennedy half dollars in one minute.

11:00 United States

Longest Time To Balance 15 American Quarters On Index Finger

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced 15 American quarters on his index finger for 10 minutes, 10.12 seconds.

03:33 The Internet

Most American Nickels Balanced On Elbow And Caught

Kevin C

Kevin C. balanced 41 American nickels on his elbow and caught them.

06:13 United States

Most American Pennies Consecutively Flipped From Heads To Tails

Nathan Elliott

Nathan flipped 252 American pennies from heads to tails in a row.

00:48 United States

Largest Charity Money Chain

Beam Camp

Attendees of the Inventgenuity Festival created a money chain made up of $436.32. The money was then donated to the International Rescue Committee[]. The record was set on February 21, 2010 at the 2nd Annual Brooklyn World Record Day, an event hosted by RecordSetter in conjunction with Beam Camp as part of their Inventgenuity Festival. #BWRD02

00:32 United States

Fastest Time To Complete A 3-Foot Finger Walk While Holding An American Quarter

Brian Pankey

03:53 The Internet

Longest Time To Keep An American Quarter Balanced On Spinning Wire Coat Hanger

Bryan Vitale

Bryan Vitale placed an American quarter on the tip of a bent metal coat hanger and spun it for two minutes, 56.20 seconds.

03:31 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 100 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Rolls

Brian Pankey

Read about the Kennedy half dollar here.

06:21 United States

Longest Charity Waterfall

Kiva New York

At a Kiva event celebrating International Women’s Day, 54 people lined up and set a new world record for the Longest Charity Waterfall. Record participants included Kiva CEO Matt Flannery, president Premal Shah and Director of Development Bennett Grassano, who conceived the feat. Attendees lined up and donated at least $1 to a pile of money that was passed along the line in a waterfall manner, raising $175 in less than a minute. The money was instantly processed as a Kiva microfinancing loan.

01:57 Wales

Farthest Distance To Throw A £20 Note

Mark Evans

Mark Evans threw a 20-pound note a distance of 47 feet, 10 inches.

00:15 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 10 Coin Rolls With A Silver Dollar

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 10 coin rolls with an Eisenhower silver dollar in 15.02 seconds.

01:17 United States

Most Pennies Balanced Vertically On A Dime

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced 12 pennies vertically on top of a dime.

01:01:35 The Internet

Farthest Distance To Roll A Coin On A Treadmill

Parker Reed

Parker R. rolled a coin 5.4 miles on a treadmill.

02:02 United States

Tallest Penny Tower Stacked On Right Pinky Finger

Tai Star

Tai Star stacked 16 pennies on right pinky finger.

00:51 Australia

Longest Time Spinning A British Penny

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. spun a British penny for 14.80 seconds.

00:33 United States

Most Consecutive Coin Rolls In 30 Seconds Using An American Quarter

Ben Abel

Ben A. performed 16 consecutive coin rolls in 30 seconds using an American quarter coin.

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