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Football world records - where football includes soccer, American football, rugby and even paper football for the less athletically inclined - are a diverse bunch. Rather than aiming for the halls of fame overseen by ESPN, the NFL or FIFA, these champions create their own categories of achievement that incorporate memory skills, huge collections team memorabilia or speedy handling of footballs.

Football Challenges

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01:02 England

Most Consecutive Soccer Ball Passes By Five People In One Minute

Matrix Soccer Academy

Charles and four of his friends passed a soccer ball among themselves 113 times in one minute.

00:48 United States

Longest Between-The-Legs American Football Shot Into A Basketball Hoop

Shots Fired

Shots Fired tossed an American football between his legs into a basketball hoop from 40 feet away.

00:30 United States

Longest Football Punt Into A Door Frame

Stacey Driscoll

Record Setter punted a football into the door of a building from a distance of 42 feet, nine inches (513 inches) away.

00:30 England

Largest Collection Of Used Plastic Seats From White Hart Lane Football Stadium

Chris Cowlin

Chris Cowlin has 10 used plastic seats from White Hart Lane Football Stadium in his collection.

United States

Most Ted Ginn Jr. Football Cards Held At Once

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins held three Ted Ginn Jr. football cards at once.

12:53 United States

Highest Blowout Point Total In "Run 'N Gun" (Online)

Jacob Bom

Jacob B. earned 91 blowout points in Run 'N Gun.

United States

Most Vince Young Football Cards Held At Once

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins held two Vince Young football cards at once.

United States

Most Joseph Addai Football Cards Held At Once

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins held two Joseph Addai football cards at once.

02:10 United States

Most Times Saying "Tom Brady Is Awesome" In 10 Seconds While Tom Brady Is Interviewed On TV In The Background

Cache Henson

Cache H. repeated "Tom Brady is awesome" 15 times while Tom Brady was interviewed on TV in the background.

11:44 United States

Longest Time Holding A Football Using One Hand

DK Hayden

DK Hayden held a football using one hand for 11 minutes, 5.34 seconds.

00:37 England

Most Consecutive Soccer Ball Crossovers While Seated

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 25 consecutive crossovers using a soccer ball while seated.

00:56 Australia

Tallest Dice Tower Stacked On A Football Held In Hand

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. stacked seven dice into a tower on a football held in his hand.

00:32 Australia

Most Bounces Of A Football In 15 Seconds

Marcus Brims

Marcus B. bounced a football 55 times in 15 seconds.

00:43 United States

Most Footballs Caught While Wearing Foam Fingers In 30 Seconds


Justin caught 23 footballs while wearing foam fingers in 30 seconds. The record was set as part of the Doritos Bold 50 campaign.

00:47 United States

Most Points Scored In A Single Game Of "Madden NFL 09" (Wii)


Daniel earned 186 points in a single game of Madden NFL 09.

00:54 Slovakia

Most Soccer Ball Crossbar Hits In 10 Attempts


Tomáš Lubelec hit the crossbar on a pair of goalposts seven times out of ten attempts. Learn more about the feat here.

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