Youngest Person To Assemble An Ikea Mula In Under One Minute

United States


New York, New York, United States / February 19, 2011

Nigel Henderson assembled a completeIkea Mula toy in under one minute when he was exactly 611 days old. Younger babies are challenged to beat this.

- Ring stacking order does not matter beyond top piece


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  • The Internet Saurav Ojha

    This is so cute..

  • The Internet Saurav Ojha

    This is so cute...

  • The Internet nicholascretors

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  • The Internet King Erik

    Can we use same stack or others???

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  • Denmark Oliver Storm

    It's because of these things i cannot be bothered to compete with anything on this webpage. The standards are way too low

    • Canada Dan Rollman

      We hear you, Oliver. Our vision is to create a video-based Wikipedia of human achievement, built on a belief that "everyone can be world's best at something." (This includes children, too.) Do you have any thoughts on how we should better balance "silly" records like this one versus more serious/competitive ones?

  • Taiwan (Republic of China) dada xu

    Cute boy

  • Africa eva-1 su


  • United States Simon Kirk

    He did them in the wrong order. How is this a record?

  • United States Marc

    Nigel, maybe next time you could at least wear a clean shirt?

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