Longest Video Featuring Kissing Couples



Gothenburg, County Västra Götaland, Sweden / April 13, 2012

Fredagsfilm created a video compilation of kissing couples that lasted three minutes, 23.62 seconds.

- video must feature couples kissing
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Emily Patricia

    I definitely think you succeeded in all. Congrats again. Wonderful.

  • Sweden Patrik Berglund

    Thank you! We made the movie to break the worldrecord in longest movie kiss but also to show love between two people and that kissing is a great thing to do and also to show our homecity. And I belive we succed with most of the categories pretty good.

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Fantastic! Did you make the movie to set the record? Or did you make the movie first and realize it was a world record? Either way, congrats!

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