Most Consecutive 10-Pound Arm Curls

Canada Darryl Learie

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada / April 26, 2011

Darryl Learie completed 669 consecutive 10-pound arm curls, swapping back and forth between his arms.

- must touch knee at base of each lift
- may swap arms as often as needed
- may not pause for longer than 10 seconds between each curl


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  • Australia Peter Craig

    Peter Craig

    10 pounds is equivalent to 4.535kg so is 4.5 kg OK to use (this is 0.1 pounds lighter) or would it need to be 5kg (1.02 pounds heavier)( pounds in kg)

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Darryl Learie

    I love how the wife just walked in the frame,'Oh God - he's breaking another record again' - I have so been there before friend, my finacee is like,"that's nice dear" when ever I tell her I just broke another record. ;)

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