Most Times To Toss A Table Tennis Ball From A Table Tennis Paddle Into A Cuponk Cup While Balancing On The Bill Of A Hat In 30 Seconds

United States Brian Pankey

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / June 29, 2011

Brian Pankey tossed a table tennis ball from a table tennis paddle into a cuponk cup balanced on the bill of a hat in 30 seconds.

- must use a MMA Elite hat
- must use cuponk cup
- must observe RecordSetter table tennis criteria


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  • United States Brian Pankey

    Brian Pankey

    why does it say you have to wear a mma elite hat I never wrote that criteria that was just happened to be the hat I was wearing. Stop making criteria stop putting words in my mouth recordsetter I don't like to eat words but I do like alphabet soup!

    • United States Brian Pankey

      Brian Pankey

      a tip for best result use a hat with a stiff bill for this record another tip for best results use bills that are flexible so they can fold easily in your wallet

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