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Longest Tape Measure Extension Toss

United States Thom Wall


Boulder, Colorado, United States / October 5, 2009

Using just his body and the pull of an arm, Thom Wall extended his Fat Max[] tape measure 115.25 inches.

- attempter allowed three-inch handle to toss tape
- fully-extended tape must dangle without support


Tags: lengthtosstape measuretool

  • That hat is Fishy. VERY fishy. not to mention what's happening in that closet. I'm calling for a retraction.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Thom, why are you holding a hat in your hand?

  • 'mounted to a hat'....hmmm...I smell added leverage.

  • You're goin down Wall.

  • impressive, but it would be cooler if you were wearing a cowboy hat.

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