Most Water Balloon Tosses Over A Ford In One Minute

United States John Nelson

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San Diego, California, United States / December 14, 2009

John Nelson and Russell DeCaprio tossed a water balloon over a 2010 Ford Fusion 73 times in one minute.

Nelson and DeCaprio set the record as part of Fusion 41, a World Record Challenge created by the Ford Motor Company.

- both participants must clearly stand behind front/rear fenders of     vehicle for duration of activity 
- both participants must keep feet on ground for duration of activity
- no jumping, no standing on boxes, curbs, etc. 
- leaning legs, hands or body against car is not permitted 
- balloon must still be intact at the end of the activity 
- balloon must clearly be thrown over vehicle each time 
- throwing balloon alongside vehicle is not permitted
- balloon may not touch vehicle 
- balloon should have approximately 10-16 ounces of water in it
- long, clown-style twisty balloons are not permitted
- vehicle must be mid-size or larger


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