Tallest Toothpick Tower


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Sarnia, Ontario, Canada / December 4, 2015

Mya W. built a tower of toothpicks 210 stories in height.

- must use comercially available toothpicks
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Josh Bolinger

    Brett. It's a great idea. I wish I would of thought of it sooner.

  • United States Brett Kanter

    Way to utilize the sharpie strategy, Josh!

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Josh - there is a little button next to the break it button - "FLAG" - you can use that to flag things - it has a variety of options and you can write your own. If you do that, it will help to report records. I'll leave it to Emily to respond to your other points.

  • United States Josh Bolinger

    Peter, I guess I have a different outlook towards setting records. I like to see friendly competition. I think that upping the record by just a little will get more people interested in trying it, which in turn, may lead them to attempt other records. That is what has happened with my wife and I. Will I build a taller toothpick tower? Working on one as I type this. Will it be as tall as I can possibly get it? Who knows.

    I think that whatever can help Record Setter grow and get better is good. The more records, the better.

    On the first point, maybe it would be better to just have a "Denied" and not both a "Failed" and "Denied". They both basically accomplish the same thing. I think that in this case, I think it should just be put in as "Broken" since it was submitted earlier.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    A very valid point Josh, I'm glad you've bought it up. It's bugged me for some time too. It's related to the moderation process which has been getting a good update so hope this is included in their discussion. I also think "fail" as a negative should be reserved for not following rules correctly - otherwise it might not be a world record it could still be a record based on age, gender, or nationality/location although not a world record... Timezone can also change "set time".

    I think your other point though has bugged me a lot too "why would I stop short when clearly I can do better?" RecordSetter is about world records and striving for your personal best. If your submission wasn't your best attempt, then show me your best effort! Blow us away with a seemingly unreachable benchmark.

  • United States Josh Bolinger

    Mine is broken, rather than failed. As I set it before the latest one was submitted, it just wasn't verified until after. Why would I bother stopping that short, when I could have easily kept going? It's a small matter, I know, but to some people it does make a difference. I have seen this on several records so far. This is an area that Record Setter could work on.

  • The Internet Dylan O'Neal

    lol, nice

  • United States Simon Kirk

    Sounds like it's now your theme tune going forward.

  • United States tmcginniss

    hahahahahahaha we actually had that playing during the smarties tower one too. it's just about the best song in the world. it's from the game Traps Mines and a Sheep.

  • United States Simon Kirk

    What's the deal with the wacky music?

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