Longest Time To Stand On A Fallen Tree

United States David Dargay

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Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, United States / July 5, 2012

David Dargay balanced on a broken tree branch for five minutes, 0.20 seconds.

- must stand on a fallen tree
- tree must be at least six inches off the ground
- must wear flip flops or shoes
- no outside support permitted
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tyler Corona

    Tyler Corona

    Good work kid. By the way, how did it occur to your mind to stand on a fallen tree, and create a record?

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Hah oh no! Glad you found your way out. We edited the record. Hope to see more from you!

  • Belgium JoeNagy


    ur right, its a fallen tree is there u can change that? btw we got lost in the woods that day

  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    Is that a tree...and not a tree branch?

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