Most Slides Down A Playground Slide In 30 Seconds

Concord Baptist Youth


Hopskinville, Kentucky, United States / July 19, 2011

A seven-person team of Concord Baptist Youth members slid down a playground slide 16 times in 30 seconds.

- each participant may slide more than once
- must provide video evidence
- must remain on slide to ground; may not jump off of sides


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  • United States NormaA Anderson

    NormaA Anderson

    This is the good step taken for the development of the playground. Playgrounds are the necessity of someone's life. There are also health benefits of gymnastics if these instruments are available in the playgrounds. In case you want to purchase these instruments then you can visit this website.

  • United States Jeremy Mathis

    Jeremy Mathis

    I wish we had practiced first. This record seems imminently breakable

    • United States Tai Star

      Tai Star

      6 years later, I guess it wasn't imminent yet, I agree it seems breakable. I think if practiced it could be more than a person a second

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