Most Times Slapping Someone In The Face In One Minute

United States Sam Koch


San Francisco, California, United States / January 17, 2014

Sam K. slapped his friend in the face 645 times in one minute.

- may use both hands
- no ear slaps
- no jewelry allowed on fingers


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  • United States kris schaefer

    kris schaefer

    who would agree to this

  • United States Chellz Roxann

    Chellz Roxann

    oh and i am a girl jst to let ya knw dummbies

  • United States Chellz Roxann

    Chellz Roxann

    poor guy ^^ lol bt he he is REALLY cute ^^ lol i likes him ^_^

  • United States Lawson Clarke

    Lawson Clarke

    I know I'm coming into this arugment about a year late, but I have to defend my record. Suggesting that slapping one person in the face repeatedly is the same as being slapped by multiple audience members is like trying to compare cricket and baseball. If Streeter wants to see how many open handed slaps he can take from an incited crowd of embittered women, I'll be happy to beat that record.

  • Hey, I'm the guy being slapped in this video! it's jonathan guzi...and not that I'm complaining, but I remember it being around 430 something slaps...

  • In reference to the record of 46, I guess he would hold a record for being slapped by the most different people in 60 seconds, but I only counted 8 inless I missed something.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Excellent note, Locerbus. You're referring to this record: We'll attempt to track down this slappee's name and give him the other record. He's more than worthy of it.

  • Why does someone else have the record for most times slapped in the face at 46?

  • I think the other guy should hold the record for most times SLAPPED in the face...

  • United States Ryun Forsman

    Ryun Forsman


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