Shortest Wedding Ceremony

United States

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Westminster, Colorado, United States / July 7, 2007

Corey and Autumn Pottratz got married in six minutes and 36 seconds, a new world record. Their ceremony was cut short due to rain.

The record was set on July 7, 2007 in Westminster, Colorado. Laura Huffman was present as a witness.


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  • The Internet Mary Horton

    I was married in 45 seconds

  • United States Eleanor Mummy

    I think role plays like this is a waste of time. People should really think of marriage because their time elapses. When they are old and fat they won't have the same chances.

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  • United States Henry Bridges

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  • The Internet linda ulrich

    Linda and Devin Ulrich beat this by having a wedding ceremony in 1 min 32 sec.

  • Was this a record attempt or just an unfortunately early end to a wedding ceremony?

  • I am positive that this is beatable.

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