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Berkeley, California, United States / July 29, 2011

A student camper from iD Tech Camps UC Berkeley named 10 rappers in one minute.

FAILED: Does not beat current record.


- may not read from a list
- must provide video evidence
- must wear blindfold or keep eyes closed for duration of attempt


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  • The Internet Wendell A.

    He was clearly reading. His eyes never even focused on the camera at least once.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Timothy, great comment. We've just added "must wear blindfold or keep eyes closed for duration of attempt" to the criteria. That should help avoid confusion moving forward.

  • The Internet Maann B

    yes teody, you're right. though this record needs the attempter to be aware of the required them, moderators will sure be the ones responsible for counting the names given within the time allowed, so if you exceed the time, need not to worry coz there will be authorized persons to review it for you. btw timothy, this really looks like you're reading something, not jumping to conclusion that you are in fact though, but just saying that it looks like it. maybe you could try to submit a better one and have someone help with the timing with you

  • Philippines Teody Jasper

    you don't need to use a timer on this. they have moderators here in recordsetter to check your time.. am i right ma-ann? :)

  • The Internet Peter Vigeant

    What parameters would you suggest changing? There are many records on Record Setter that require recitation from memory. Did you have a witness for this record? Why couldn't the witness control the timer?

  • The Internet Timothy Adams

    Sorry that it looks like I'm reading. I'm actually not, just watching a timer on my screen to make sure I made the most of my minute. If its such a big deal I'll record another one blindfolded or something. Maybe you should change the parameters so this kind of speculation and problem does not occur in the future.

  • Philippines Teody Jasper

    He is obviously reading....

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Yeah, this looks like reading. I vote to deny this attempt. Try again with your eyes closed, Timothy!

  • The Internet Bryan Vitale

    As a representative of iD Tech Camps American University, the rules clearly state you cannot read from a list.. It does appear that he's reading!

  • The Internet Peter Vigeant

    It's hard to tell if this record breaker is reading from a computer screen or not. His eyes seem to be fixed on something other than the camera.

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