Fastest Time To Precision Plant 7,000 Seeds

United States Mark Cuban


Los Angeles, California, United States / April 7, 2017

Mark Cuban precision planted 7,000 seeds in 14.15 seconds, a RecordSetter world record. Cuban set the record on Shark Tank by rolling out a SeedSheet roll. The roll had 1,235 dissolvable pouches, each containing six seeds. 7,000 was the announced record total to account for any product anomalies.

RecordSetter co-founder Dan Rollman was present to officiate the attempt.

- must use viable seeds with consistent and adequate spacing for full plant growth
- seeds must be firmly planted on a leveled, healthy soil base
- all seeds must be laid fully beneath soil’s surface
- timing starts when first seed is planted in soil
- timing stops when all seeds are beneath soil
- no assistance from others permitted


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