Longest Pinecone

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Longest Pinecone

United States Crystal English

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Truckee, California, United States / October 26, 2009

Crystal English found a conifer pinecone measuring 31.8 centimeters in length. She found it while hiking in the hills of Truckee, California.

- stem can not be included in measurement


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  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Rob Birdsong

    Wow - Elias ! This is an incredible find.

  • Germany André Kiefernspezi

    André Kiefernspezi

    Hi Guy, don´t be worry! Your cone you found is a very nice and big cone from the Canarian pine I think. The cone from Crystal is also nice, but not long enough too. Greatings from Germany

  • It is possible that Crystal has found a cone from sugar pine, Pinus Lambertiana, which occurs in California. The cones from this species can be as long 12 inches. Stop being a sore loser, guy!

  • As the witness to this record breaking submission, I must insert myself into the debate here to affirm that the measuring tape pictured above is a NEBO Tools 33 Foot Speed Reader Pro, Contractor Grade with Self-Lock, and is indeed demarcated in inches. If you look closely at the red print on the tape itself you will even see where it notes "FT & IN INCHES".

  • Israel Guy Cafif

    Guy Cafif

    these are cm's not inches,you didnt beat my record

  • nice one. i mean, it's no strawberry, but still sorta impressive.

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