Most Photographs Of People Jumping By A Single Photographer

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Most Photographs Of People Jumping By A Single Photographer

United States

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Los Angeles, California, United States / December 29, 2011

[Mike Hedge][1] has taken 895 photographs of people jumping. See Hedge’s entire collection [here][2]. [1]: [2]:

- one person must take all the photos
- permissible to take several shots in one location as long as they feature different people
- permissible to have same person in different shots as long as photos are taken in different locations
- there can be more than person jumping in a shot, but that only counts as one photo
- jumpers must be in mid-air for photo to count
- must provide link to collection for verification purposes


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  • The Internet vaa

    Just to set the record straight: Philippe Halsman – a famous professional photographer and US artist – was first, in the sixties. This is worth a mention, for honesty's sake. And worth a look, for photos which are also art, nut just record setting.

  • United States Mike Hedge

    ok I now have 730 jumping photos in the group:

  • Pretty wicked! :)

  • United States Mike Hedge

    Here's my shots that have been added to the jumping group on flickr:

  • United States Mike Hedge

    I already beat my record!!!!! I have 603 now!!!! Maybe when I increase it by a large number I will submit an update. cheers!

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