Most T-Shirt Signatures Collected

United States Amber Rose Olson

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Chesterfield, Missouri, United States / April 14, 2012

Amber-Rose Olson, Aaron Kirk, Ashley Ray, Danae LeBaube and Marjorie Bax wore a t-shirt and a fake mustache one at a time and collected signatures from 31 people.

- each member must wear the t-shirt for five minutes
- members may wear fake mustache while collecting signatures
- must get as many signatures from people that have facial hair
- must get people to sign the shirt within 25 minutes
- must provide video evudence


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  • United States Jenn Wark

    Jenn Wark

    This record seems like it was well thought out, but the execution didn't come off as planned. I expected to see the fake mustache worn throughout the attempt; since it was not, it was removed from the title.

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