Oldest Wood Used To Make An Electric Guitar

New Zealand Joh Lang

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Auckland, North Island, New Zealand / August 1, 2009

Joh Lang of Langcaster Guitars constructs guitars using wood that’s 35,000 years old. He’s used carbon dating methods to confirm the wood’s age.


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  • United States Bw Gibbs

    Bw Gibbs

    anyone know how to get him to return an e/mail ??????....gibco22yahoo.com

  • United States Schuyler Van Horn

    Schuyler Van Horn

    I'm sorry but what kind of evidence can be provided to support the claim that these pieces of wood are that old?

  • United States Daniel Nodal

    Daniel Nodal

    is this record beatable? Is there wood out there older that can be used? Im totally gonna beat this record :P jk

  • These guitars must be really durable due to the wood's age. I find it innovative, creative & patient of Mr. Lang to show his passion for his works of art.

  • I too am a proud owner of Langcaster. Nice to see the world record acknowledged. Big deal about someone having wood 100-200 years old, they fall short 35,000 years. You truly hold a piece of history in one of its most beautiful forms with a Langcaster guitar. Kudos to Mr. Lang down there in New Zealand for his extraordinary luthier and electronic skills in making the definitive boutique guitars with a sound as special as the wood used.---Mark from Ohio, USA

  • I own a Langcaster guitar and it is an amazing instrument to play and just for the beauty of the wood. Congrats on the record Joh...I can't imagine anyone with guitar wood older than 35,000 years!

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