Most New RecordSetter Records Set While Breaking An Existing RecordSetter Record

United States Tai Star


Sonoma, California, United States / December 12, 2012

Tai Star set nine new RecordSetter records while breaking an existing RecordSetter record (Longest Time To Balance Cross-Legged On A Slackline). The new records set are the following:

  1. Longest Time To Balance A Cellphone On Knee While On A Slackline
  2. Longest Time To Balance A Devil Stick On Head While On A Slackline
  3. Most Instruments Taken Out Of Cases And Played While Balancing On A Slackline
  4. Longest Time Playing Melodica While Balancing On A Slackline
  5. Longest Time Playing Harmonica While Balancing On A Slackline
  6. Longest Time Spinning Poi With One Hand While Sitting On A Slackline
  7. Longest Time Balancing A Hacky Sack On Head While Balancing On A Slackline
  8. Longest Time Sitting With A Melodica On Lap While On A Slackline
  9. Most Records Set While Breaking Another Record
- must be breaking one existing RecordSetter record for entire duration of attempt
- records must be set while simultaneously breaking the existing record
- each new record must be submitted separately as new attempt
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Tai Star

    Tai Star

    Yes! this is the 12th record I set on the the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012... that's 12 records on 12/12/12... an unbeatable record, and unrepeatable for the next 100 years!!!

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