Most Miniature Golf Holes-in-One In 24 Hours



Sydney, New South Wales, Australia / September 17, 2012

Allan Cox of The Chaising Aces Team scored 1,516 holes-in-one on a miniature golf course in 24 hours. He set the record to raise funds for the Oncology Department at The Children's Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia. Over $9,000 dollars were raised.

- must have witnesses for duration of attempt
- ball must be sunk in a single shot during the course of regular play


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  • United States Mick Cullen

    By the way,RecordSetter, the official title for the record should say "holes-in-one," not "hole-in-ones."

  • United States Mick Cullen

    Also, I forgot the most important thing: way to use it for a good cause. Pretty much the best way to lose a record is in the name of benefiting a children's oncology department.

    • Australia Allan Cox

      My nephew Chaise was my inspiration. Are you on FB? Would be great to chat.

    • United States Mick Cullen

      Allan-- I am. Feel free to search for me.

  • United States Mick Cullen

    Smart choice! If there's an ideal place to set this record, it's a Putt-Putt franchise course, where an ace is possible on every hole. I wish there was one close to me, but I am out of luck there. Congratulations, Allan! I too am curious about Alex's question, although if you were averaging 8 aces per round as you did on the sample scorecard, you would need only about 190 rounds (3,420 holes) to reach 1,516 holes-in-one. How many holes did you play, Allan?

    • Australia Allan Cox

      Thanks Mick, too kind. I played 3150 holes. 175 rounds. In a straight line from Tee to Tee measured 205M. I calculated approx a marthon distance covered during the attempt. Twenty or thirty years ago, I may have got a few more rounds in. I am in awe of your 5040 holes played! Too awesome. Congrats. With a bit of luck we will raise over $9000. For The Children's Hospital at Westmead. There is more video of the attempt. On my You tube channel: "puttputtdownunder" all one word. We both have an interview with the Putter King. I now know what it is like to hit the "Wall". That was crazy stuff.

  • The Internet Mark Apolony

    Well done Allan! A worthy effort for a world record, and a very courageous thing to have done for such a worthy cause. You are indeed the Putter Kind.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Did Allan also break Mick's overall most holes record?

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