Most Punching Pad Punches In One Minute


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Peshawar, Pakistan / June 22, 2013

Ahmad H. punched a punching pad 586 times in one minute.

- punches must be thrown at chest level
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Howard Barber

    The comment I made yesterday appears on my record setting page, but it refers to Ahmad Hussain's record video for his record for the one minute martial arts straight punches. Please view it as well as mine. He is a very focused puncher.

  • United States Howard Barber

    Yes, it is more than a flick of the wrist. But it is not a part of the punch to lock an arm fully out. That would allow an opponent the opportunity to break the arm. You never lock an arm out. The title straight punch refers to how it is delivered, not to the arm being straight. The punch comes in straight. Toward the end I see some circular movements that make it then more of a Wing Chun strike than a straight punch. Wing Chun is quicker by nature of the punch. Circular movements relax joints and the relaxation adds to speed.

  • United States Kevin Taylor


  • United States Jenn Wark

    Any of our martial arts experts want to comment on this form? These don't seem like full punches.

    • Pakistan ahmad hussain

      so can u explain that how full punches look like plz?

    • Pakistan AHMAD AMIN BODLA

      Yes am an expert martial artist , technically they are full contact punches , the martial arts punch which is not full contact involves merely a flick of wrist .if the video is seen in slow version , you ll notice arms are being locked out but too fast for the eye to notice in full speed :)

    • United States BlackBeltSkydive

      A punch is a punch. It is a record of speed, not strength. He did well for the purpose of the record.

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