Loudest High Five

Canada The Record Collection


Toronto, Ontario, Canada / April 18, 2011

Craig Morrison and Sam Stilson of The Record Collectionmade a high five that measured 87.1 decibels. The duo set the record to celebrate National High Five Day.

- may cover hand with any type of liquid or substance
- must measure using a sound level meter
- wearing gloves not permitted


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  • The Internet Burak Yıldız

    Burak Yıldız


  • United States Olivia Adkison

    Olivia Adkison

    thats good imma try to beat yalls record . lol .

  • Canada Craig Morrison

    Craig Morrison

    Thanks Peter! Trust me, we were as confused as you. Pretty sure it's cause it was chunky, I can't see getting those results with the smooth kind.

  • Australia Peter Craig

    Peter Craig

    Absolutely hilarious as always guys, each episode gets funnier and funnier. I'm seriously surprised though that peanut butter ended up giving the best result, I would have thought the opposite. And the end of the clip was great! Love it.

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