Longest Hug Exchange Line

Belgium VTKlustrum

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Gent, East Flanders, Belgium / October 14, 2012

Led by VTKlustrum, 36 people performed a hug exchange line.

- must exchange hugs in a line as demonstrated by the original video
- each person person must hug the next person in line until all participants were hugged
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Emily Patricia

    Emily Patricia

    This is totally amazing. What a great idea! Who's idea was this? How'd you find out about us? Would love to know!

    • United States debeeblossom


      Thank you! It was great fun and it lead into a Dance-Walk fun(d)-raiser that followed where we went through our downtown dancing and back to the Fall Fair. I heard about RecordSetter through my husband who watches the Jimmy Fallon show :) If you want to know the motivation that led us to setting this record go to our not for profit web site: www.resonatekootenays.com . It felt like a calling to have this record setter be a means to have this community experience :) I live in a very conventional yet caring community where this type of activity is a stretch. So I was pleased with the turn out. I would imagine more liberal communities would take to hugging better than ours did. After the event there was a real shift shift in the people in the area towards being happier and more open. The Fall Fair loved having us as a contribution to their event. I highly recommend a group to challenge this record and we keep the hugs going!

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