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Longest "Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire" Play Time

Netherlands Tom Leemreize


Hengelo, Netherlands / June 29, 2012

Tom Leemreize spent 388 hours playing Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

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- must play Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
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  • United States Tri Force

    Tri Force

    I'm at 994:14 o3o

  • United States Tri Force

    Tri Force

    would you happen to know what happens after the 999:59 mark?

    • Australia Matt Robinson

      Matt Robinson

      It stops, I had a save file back in 2007 that was 999:59

    • United States Tri Force

      Tri Force

      so its possible to keep playing after that?

    • United States Ryan Weiss

      Ryan Weiss

      i need to know that too! I have a bunch of flutes stored in my pc that i don't want to lose!

    • United States Ryan Weiss

      Ryan Weiss

      yes it is possible to keep playing! i found this out the other day that the time will stay at 999:59 forever, yet you can accomplish almost anything. But I'm also sure that if you pass that point you'll have wiped out the internal battery, meaning you can't grow berries and you can play against the same people throughout the game over and over again over a certain period of time. so now, I would be able to make more flutes!

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