Most Hopscotch Court Repetitions In 20 Minutes

United States 20or20 Challenge


Mesa, Arizona, United States / October 6, 2014

Ryan performed 182 hopscotch repetitions in 20 minutes. He set the record as part of the 20 Or 20 challenge to help fight obesity and promote the importance of being fit and healthy. Learn more about 20 Or 20 here.

- must be a 10-square hopscotch court of standard American design
- one repetition is counted when one foot has been placed in each of the consecutive 10 squares with the record setter returning to the beginning of the court by traveling outside the court squares
- stepping on a square when returning to the beginning of the court will not disqualify attempt but also will not count toward completion of a court
- must follow same form as current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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