Highest Single Player Score In "Smash TV" (NES)

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Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, United States / September 4, 2012

John P. earned 11,729,120 points in Smash TV.

- must use default settings
- only one player permitted
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • The Internet Anisa Pria

    I actually beat this world record when I was around 5. I know for a fact that nobody will believe that, but I was an AMAZING videogame player, and I was AMAZING at this game. I don't know how I was so good, but I asked my dad how many millions of points he remembers me getting, and he said around 14 million points. And I believe I remember the man at the end, and him exploding with tons of heads, and stuff. Yeah, I remember that! That was so fun. I love this game. This is the best game ever (sorry, Minecraft.)

  • United States Dave Vogt

    I might have to take a crack at this one someday, sir!

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