Highest Score On Tetris Game

Highest Score On Tetris Game


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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia / August 30, 2013

Sam T. earned 203,282,021 points in Tetris.

- can be played online or from video game console
- must play original version of Tetris; spin-offs not acceptable
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • The Internet Samuel Darden

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  • The Internet William Hackworth

    I have 69,615,193.

  • Thailand tetris game

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  • The Internet Alexander Eerdekens

    Is dit zoveel punten in 1 potje want ik speel dit op tv want dat kan als je Telenet hebt en mijn hoogste potje is 65,704

  • The Internet jbqsckiljws

    I only have 1 million :I

  • Norway Luciano Drossi

    I have 12 million points so there are six here higher than me...

  • The Internet Oliver

    How old are you

  • The Internet Antoine Tissier

    1m7 here no need to prove it by a screenshot i'm fare from the world record lol

  • The Internet Jesper Karlsson

    Does anyone know how the points are counted on this version of Tetris?

    I just got score 423414 with 215 lines. The first 100 lines were all 4-liners.

  • The Internet w crawford

    How does a score of 23 million playing on Nintendo D'S rate?

  • The Internet cant spell

    That person proubly spent the lasr ten years playing tetris in his moms basement on the same system I just want you to know there are other games and beleive it or npr new systema ypu proubly habe a rigjt arm with 22 inch by sepa amd thw lefr one at 10 inches

  • The Internet Susan Katz

    The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

  • The Internet Susan Katz

    The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Moving forwards, we will be phasing out photo submissions of gaming records. Please shoot a video of your final screen to avoid any debate re: manipulated images.

    • The Internet Adrian Howie

      do you want video of the entire play or just the lost screen? because getting over level 200 take multiple hours of play

    • United States Jenn Wark

      If you can't find a way to video the entire game play -- have a look around, some of our marathon gamers have had some really great video presentations -- then a video of at least the final screen will do.

  • The Internet Chun-Nan Hsu

    Don't you think that is way too low? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgGmRymxAHg

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    We went ahead and modify the rules. To remain consistency on this category and to stay true on point/score measurement, only the original version of Tetris is acceptable moving forward

  • United States Michael James

    I believe you can request to make a change you just have to look around the site I forgot where I seen it.

  • England Jake253

    yes i know, i did it in a rush... how can i change the rules?

  • United States Michael James

    But then again if it was line count it may as well be a different record in a way dont cha think? I just think you shouldve been a little more clear on the game rodolpho no offense just ask the moderators or whatever to change the rules im sure they'll let you.

  • England Jake253

    trhe official version should be that one that i used first. that website

  • United States Michael James

    I agree, I mean i know I'm a hypocrite about it but I still agree

  • The Internet Philip Swanson

    For the sake of fairness the record should instead be judged on line count due to the difference in score values. Either that or an official version should be declared.

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