Highest Score In "Space Invaders" For Atari 2600

United States Paul Zimmerman


Springfield, Illinois, United States / January 13, 2012

Paul Zimmerman earned 122,578 on Space Invaders for the Atari 2600.


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  • United States livia



  • United States Levi Gore

    Levi Gore

    hey man hope you still check this 4 years later haha! but i was wondering if you set this record with the double shot action (held the reset button when booting the atari up) or the single shot action(started it normally)? sorry but the quality made it fairly difficult for me to see haha no offense a truly great feat.!!!!

  • United States Paul Zimmerman

    Paul Zimmerman

    Thank you so much for everything Catherine!

  • United States Catherine DeSpira

    Catherine DeSpira

    My avatar disappeared again. I look like a stalker :P

  • United States Catherine DeSpira

    Catherine DeSpira

    Kickin' it cool as ever. This is just fabulous, Zimm.

  • United States Paul Zimmerman

    Paul Zimmerman

    Thanks for the comment Cyril! Yup, on this game the score does roll back to zero once you reach 10,000. There is no way to show the grand total in the game, since this is how the game was made. With the rollovers added up with the score on the screen when my game ended, that grand total was 122,578.

    • Australia Revoke


      when i was 10 i clocked the gae 4 times without dieing, then i turned it of cuz my friends got bored watching me play. i only ever used the atari joystick. , man i loved that game. i still own the originaal atari 2600 console and all my games. i also clocked pacman, and frogger. (ie clocked = getting a score over what the game displays. ) i remember the space invader game showed wierd symbols after each clock.

    • United States Walter


      LOL, I just had to google this as I am watching high score on Netflix. The lady they interviewed for space invaders talking about going to Nationals back in 1980. I remember flipping the score 3-4 times on one turn then just getting bored with it. I lived in the country so didn’t have any friends to bore but remember my dad playing with me, or complaining about watching me play while he waited for his 30 second turn. Ha, like your post

  • Philippines Cyril Navidad

    Cyril Navidad

    Very impressive, Paul, but I noticed that your score goes back to zero when it reaches 10,000. Is there any way you could show us the total of your score? Thanks..

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