Highest Score On "Pac-Man DX" In 10 Minutes

United States


Columbus, Ohio, United States / January 1, 2012

Matt Siegfried earned 4,084,480 points on Pac-Man DX in 10 minutes.

- must use 10-minute game type
- any level is acceptable
- must use a standard, unmodified Xbox 360
- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria


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  • United States Matt Siegfried

    Tanner: This video is quite old, so I've probably done better (I don't remember really). There's things I could fix, but this was still #1 on the in-game leaderboards :)

  • The Internet Tanner Saylor

    Holy shit man nice level memorization, let me ask you though, is this your highest score? Cuz it seemed like you screwed up at some spots and maybe this was just your highest score videotaped.

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