Highest Score In "Karate Champ" (NES)

The Internet Glen Updike


Boscobel, Wisconsin, United States / August 1, 2012

Glen Updike scored 1,111,100 points in Karate Champ. He dedicated this record to his good friend Josh Jones. See entire game here.


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  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    Kudos, Glen! I have fond memories of this game from my youth. My highest score was probably 0.001% of this.

  • The Internet Cat DeSpira

    Cat DeSpira

    Excellent job, Ninglendo! You've been pretty exciting lately, laying down some serious scores.

  • The Internet Glen Updike

    Glen Updike

    The entire run can be viewed here http://www.twitch.tv/ninglendo/b/326978656 :)

  • United States Josh Jones

    Josh Jones

    As world record ambassador for recordsetter.com and close friend to Glen Updike, Im proud to say that this run is totally amazing. Glen Im proud of you and in sheer amazement of your determination and focus!

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