Highest Score In "Jaws" (NES)

United States


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States / January 11, 2014

Rudy F. earned 10,341,420 points in Jaws. Watch his entire gameplay here.

- must use an original NES and NES controller
- no Turbo allowed
- may only take a five-minute break per hour or stock pile five minutes per hour and use it all at once
- may not pause during the game
- may use doc ports for breaks only
- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet John Marks

    Congrats Rudy on this accomplishment on the NES! Well done. Thanks for rolling the score and letting others know for the first time that unique instances happen after the game rolls (like the sub glitch). I always loved studying glitches and why they happen in the code. Well, you found the glitches and that's the first step. I recommend having Rick Fox use his connections to get other NBA players and watch you play Jordan vs Bird on the NES! That would be an awesome stream. Congrats again! John M,

  • United States Rudy Ferretti

    Please subtract 880 points thank you!!!!!!! game rolls at 9,999,120

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