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Highest Score In "Happy Jump" (Mobile)

United States Matthew Kreppein

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Babylon, New York, United States / September 28, 2015

Matthew K. earned 312,248 points in Happy Jump.

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Tags: gaminghighestscorepointsvideo gamemobileHappy Jump

  • United States chhavi ydv

    chhavi ydv

    I want to change my status language and now will going to share after download malayalam whatsapp video status and then my all friends will be happy to watch and listen this.

  • United States ivaan adam

    ivaan adam

    Happy Jump is one of my favorite games and I really like this game.Hostsailor How can I achieve more scores from this game? I want to achieve more scores and can you please share some tips about achieving the highest scores in Happy Jump?

  • United States Aurelia


    Haha me woth the 190k

  • India Arvind kumar

    Arvind kumar

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  • United States Miranda Render

    Miranda Render

    Thats a pretty cool record

  • United States Dylan


    Why is the title Happy Jump when the current video is Happy Fall?

  • United States Dylan


    425,438 is mine. It took over forty minutes and it was previously about 225,000.

    • United States Dylan


      Oh yeah, and in case you don't believe that, you should know I've played for years now, I'm on my 4th device that I've installed this game on, and I've bought every item in the game + I have 134,875 coins. Also I was using a gold helmet, 8,000+ meter starter boost and 3x coins when I got my record ;)

  • United States marcos



  • United States Katie Barr

    Katie Barr

    I've gotten up to about 250,000!!!!

    • United States Dylan


      I remember the first time I broke 200k, I got a little over 249k... and then my game crashed XD I only had about 225k for a while, which was really annoying.

  • United States Shii Nan

    Shii Nan

    I have a best score, it's 178985 :)

  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    MaAnn P.

    Moving forwards, we will be phasing out photo submissions of gaming records. Please shoot a video of your final screen to avoid any debate re: manipulated images.

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