Highest Score Earned Shooting Clay Pigeons In "Duck Hunt" (NES)

United States Robert COPLEY

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New Hartford, Connecticut, United States / May 19, 2016

Robert C. earned 2,518,000 points in Duck Hunt: Game C - Clay Shooting.

- must use original Nintendo Zapper light gun
- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must stand at least five feet away from the television
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must submit video evidence


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  • United States Damon Stewart

    Damon Stewart

    Rudy ferretti was just a nutjob because he was just a dumb dumb retard and he liked to talk shit.

  • United States Damon Stewart

    Damon Stewart

    Rudy ferretti sucked at video games because he played games that nobody cares about and now that he's gone 4ever the world is a better place but I feel sad for amy molter and her kids.

  • United States Stacy Burns

    Stacy Burns

    As Paks, states below, I too once spent hours playing the game, and unlike what I have seen on Youtube, my game kept going after round 99, and I just finally decided to stop after round 12 or 112. My score also looped back over again and again.

  • United States Robert COPLEY

    Robert COPLEY

    Tom Votava is the true "World Record Holder" for Duck Hunt without a required minimum distance. His achievement of 10,000,000 is awesome and can only be tied, not beaten. There is argument about whether or not "holding the zapper to the screen" is legitimate or not. Tom's score submission follows all of the Twin Galaxy rules for that track and is definitely a legitimate score. It's an awesome achievement.

    I decided to compete at a minimum distance of 6 feet (72") which is described as the range in the manual. This is not to take away from Tom's record, but rather to foster more variation in competition on this great classic video game.

  • United States Paks


    In 1993, at 14 years of age, I got bored one day, and booted up Duck Hunt, and decided to "master" clay shooting, since I had kind of sucked at it in comparison to duck shooting.

    Hours later, my dad came home from work to find me on a high round, I forget if it was 26, or if I have that number in mind because it's when I started requiring perfects. I had required perfect scores for literally hours and was still going.

    In the end, all I know for sure is my counter reset three times and then ended up on over 680,000.

    I was shooting the dots as they spawned. I was lying on my tummy about halfway across our decent-sized loungeroom, which was at least several feet from the TV.

    I never actually "died" or "lost" in this game, but made a choice to put my controller down, as my daddy was home, and I had been playing for hours, and had no reason to keep going but for my own achievement. I made a choice and put the controller down, effectively scoring 3,680,000+

    I wish I could say I was rich enough or had deemed it important enough to film, but we did not own any recording equipment. My parents had scrimped end of the year before to get me the NES, my first gaming console.

    My name back then was Kelly Rae, nowadays, you can call me Paks, and based on what I've read on the net, and finding no other higher score claim that didn't require cheating, this is my pointless but legitimate claim as self-proclaimed world clay shooting champion. :D

    Unfortunately, my father, the only visual witness to this event who would have maintained interest enough to remember my score, passed away several years later, when I was 18.

  • United States Joseph Dempsey

    Joseph Dempsey

    On my first go ever from 6 feet away I got 250,000 on my first go is that good?

  • United States William Moore

    William Moore

    this is not my highest score ;) just happens to be the one thats sub'd :)

    • United States Rudy Ferretti

      Rudy Ferretti

      Well let's see ur highest from 6 feet away If u do over a million that is pretty cool, but to say Tom Votava is a joke is like saying I'm a joke lol, were the two best all around NES players today and with him retired, that LEAVES me, not very nice

    • United States William Moore

      William Moore

      sorry if you take it personal, but its the truth. playing duck hunt touching the screen should not be considered a record.its sad twin galaxies holds that as a record. lets hope things change now that jace has taken over the reins.

    • United States Rudy Ferretti

      Rudy Ferretti

      You have to get close to the TV once u get so high u have no idea the game goes crazy no way to otherwise, yours would just be extreme settings, even with controller against the screen can still and will lose at a certain point....

    • United States William Moore

      William Moore

      we get it bruh, you have to be close to the screen or the game is just unplayable..... i mean the only way you could ever hit it would be touching the screen... i will choose to still not touch the screen and keep the distance... because its what a pro should do.

    • United States William Moore

      William Moore

      if you have to question how nintendo intended for duck hunt to be played since you and tom are "two of the best" nes players around... you would think you would take the time to open the manual for duck hunt... it explains exactly how the game was intended to be played.... "approx 6 feet away" you do not even have to take my word for it.... crack open the manual. page 5 & 6

  • United States Michael Sroka

    Michael Sroka

    This is a Record Setter World record. The world record is 10,000,000 points by Tom Votova on March 25th, 2009.

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