Highest Score In "Defender" (Arcade)

United States Billy Joe Cain


Austin , Texas, United States / November 16, 2013

Billy Joe Cain earned 33,644,725 points in Defender. See entire gameplay here.

- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must use Red ROMs
- may be three ships; 10,000 points for extra ship
- wave may reset every five waves
- must use factory settings
- only player may touch control panel during the attempt


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  • United States Robert Halmsteiner

    Robert Halmsteiner

    I played for 25 hours 5 minutes and died with a score of 26,417,000 in 1981

  • United States Martin


    Back in 82 I clocked defender in the student union of Froebel College London. From my recollection it returned to zero after 999,999, so next time round I had to kill myself to gain the highest score possible. I was playing during an England World Cup match and everyone left watching the game to see me do this.

  • United States StillImmortal


    got 10,000,00 on the atari 5200 version, threw down my controller when I realized that I'm immortal and cannot die. So far so good.

  • United States Jim Reynolds

    Jim Reynolds

    Absolutely amazing! I play Defender on a laptop which is difficult because of the keys. My HS is a mere 69 THOUSAND so I am honestly impressed with this.

  • United States Dave Vogt

    Dave Vogt

    The epicness!

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