Highest Score In "Defender" (Arcade)

United States Billy Joe Cain


Austin , Texas, United States / November 16, 2013

Billy Joe Cain earned 33,644,725 points in Defender. See entire gameplay here.

- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must use Red ROMs
- may be three ships; 10,000 points for extra ship
- wave may reset every five waves
- must use factory settings
- only player may touch control panel during the attempt


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  • United States Ray


    My record was 5.7 million in a Rice's Food Market in Galena Park, TX. A couple of my friends were watching but had to leave to play a ball game. When they came back, I was still playing on the same quarter. I had no been planning to play so long and that Coca-Cola was really wearing on my bladder near the end, lol.

    The real challenge was to always finish a game at 999,975 so that no one could pass you up on the High Score list, and I had 3 or 4 entries with that total

  • United States Si mahony

    Si mahony

    Getting the extra man on attack wave one cos you picked up all 10 men

  • United States Alastair Archibald

    Alastair Archibald

    I love Defender so much. Saving that last human to avoid going into space, that satisfying "whomp whomp whomp" of hitting a few Pods and then zapping the Swarmers with a Smart Bomb, that panicked jump into Hyperspace, the fact that hours could pass in seeming minutes. My record is 5,550,750 in a mammoth evening-long session. I did catch some nasty looks from people waiting to play, especially when the arcade closed with me still playing.

  • United States Paul Green

    Paul Green

    Hi i mastered the game eventually when it cane on the scene and played one game for over seven hours on my local arcade Fleetwood Pier in Lancashire U.K. i never took notice of the score but to clock the machine took around a hour as i remember so work that out. I to walked away and could have carried on. Paul Green U.K.

    • United States Billy Joe Cain

      Billy Joe Cain

      Yep! About an hour/million. When we were kids, we could have probably played for days and days. I never saw much of a point. Then an old friend convinced me to do it. I'd do it again if my wrists could take it.

    • United States Si mahony

      Si mahony

      The man in the arcade switched me off after 3 hours my mate was rubbish and he gave me his last man when he was on 2750

  • United States Terrance Gilliam

    Terrance Gilliam

    I try to tell my grandkids they don't make games like defender any more. I had people come and get me when I was a 17 year old kid and give me $ at times to show them how I could play. 2 million was most I got or 25 short of that then let others play remaining men I had left. Wish I had tried it without using smart bombs but never thought of it. Scores over 450,000 on centipede also. And played pinball to get 10 credits and sell them half price to fund my video games. I won't look at a video game today. Just don't see the skill.

    • United States Billy Joe Cain

      Billy Joe Cain

      Thank you for replying here! The good old arcade game memories are the best. :)

  • United States jazonstar


    Atari 800XL almost 30.000.000

  • United States Robert Halmsteiner

    Robert Halmsteiner

    I played for 25 hours 5 minutes and died with a score of 26,417,000 in 1981

  • United States Martin


    Back in 82 I clocked defender in the student union of Froebel College London. From my recollection it returned to zero after 999,999, so next time round I had to kill myself to gain the highest score possible. I was playing during an England World Cup match and everyone left watching the game to see me do this.

    • United States Billy Joe Cain

      Billy Joe Cain

      THAT'S AN AWESOME STORY! Yep, it starts back at 0 after you reach 999,975. During the last 10,000, you get advanced an extra ship that you have to pay back after 1,000,000.

      It's pretty cool in those 10,000 points. :)

      A million is a HUGE success!!

  • United States StillImmortal


    got 10,000,00 on the atari 5200 version, threw down my controller when I realized that I'm immortal and cannot die. So far so good.

  • United States Jim Reynolds

    Jim Reynolds

    Absolutely amazing! I play Defender on a laptop which is difficult because of the keys. My HS is a mere 69 THOUSAND so I am honestly impressed with this.

  • United States Dave Vogt

    Dave Vogt

    The epicness!

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